Release time:2018-08-30 17:01

Event: the 25th Beijing International Music & Hifi Show
 Booth Number: 1128
 Venue: the Westin Beijng Chaoyang Hotel
 Date: Sep 7 - 9, 2018 

SineMedia welcomes you to the 25th Beijing International Music & Hifi Show

SineMedia was founded in late 90's when China's audio industry turned from analog to digital phase. In the first ten years of inception, SineMedia helped out musicians and engineer to sunderstand and capitalize new digital audio technology to create more creative music and more impacted sound scene.

In this supportive process of thousands ofmusicians and audio engineers, we came to understand music creators’ concepts and picked up the idea of working for audio media communication, from the idea of art back to the concept of sound technology.

Working together with the technical development team that loves music, we extracted the approximated sound closer to the essence of music from the noise or distortion, and developed a better digital audio platform - SineCore. Have a preview of our latest product line.

Our booth (The Westin Beijing Chaoyang Hotel Level 11 #1128) will showcase our products, and our staff will propose demos and technical information.

To make an appointment during the exhibition, please send your preferred time slots and theme of discussion to

For more information please contact: Herbert Zhao, COO:

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