• 1.What’s the difference between APC460R and APC460L?

    Both two 460 products are two-way stereo products supporting bass management. There are all together 6 way outputs in the rear. The letter “R” represents “Recording studio” and in the front panel of APC360R all other operations in addition to measurement are covered. While the letter “L” means “Live”, on the panel of APC460L there is no button in order to avoid any misoperation.

  • 2. Will it work if my room has not been acoustically constructed?

    APCprocessor has the ability of making completely real-time phase adjustmentsbased on the acoustic responds of the room, regardless of the acoustic designof your room. However, if the room has not been acoustically constructed, APCwill be the very choice for you to compensate the inborn drawbacks of youracoustic space.

  • 3. My recording studio is well designed and constructed based on the acoustic principles and the quality of the speakers is also outstanding, is it necessary for me to make phase calibration?


    APC processor is designed to make more precise adjustment based on the phase response in your room, however, if you have perfect speakers and listening space, there will be limited space for APC to optimize your room or systems.

  • 4. What is the difference between APC400 and APC460?

    The maximum realtime FIR tap that APC460 supports is 16000 tap, while that for 400 line is 8192 tap. Currently all our APC460 and 400 devices support a maximum of 8192 tap, meaning that It’s possible for 460 line to upgrade to realtime (0.25ms) FIR 16000 tap.

  • 5. What is the concept of FIR tap?

    FIR filter dealing with longer wavelength allows it to be effective at lower frequencies, presenting more details on frequency responses as data points are denser. The specific frequency resolution is 400L with a frequency accuracy of 12Hz. We are now developing on sound quality tests between "improving the accuracy to 6Hz" and "introducing the linear phase with increased delay".

  • 6. The standing wave in my room is very annoying, is there any solution?

    APC processor does a wonderful job in dealing with bass extension and standing waves, with an effect remarkably better than bass trap. After processing, the sound reproduced becomes much tighter and more natural.

  • 7. Can two pairs of speakers be accessed to one unit?

    APC processor is designed to apply the larger audio processing resources for higher tap FIR processing, so only one set of FIR parameters can be applied at a time. If it is used on two pairs of speakers , the efficiency will be compromised. So the device is only accessible to one pair of stereo systems with an optional single sub.

  • 8. How to deal with sound field when apply the device into speaker arrays?

    APC corrects the space in stereo sound field. Each space sets the test point in thestereo axis position. If the space is too large, the five test points will be overscattered, which will compromise the effect. Therefore, it can be divided intodifferent areas with an increasing number of APC devices. A set of SonicCrystal software supports the simultaneous control of four machines. If crossoveris needed for the array box, we recommend you to use our 4-way APC800L.

  • 9. APC processor’s curve design is a graphic equalizer?

    APC processor is essentially different from traditional graphic equalizers. The Curve function can change the frequency response of the sound field without affecting the phase. Cases like the more frequency ranges the dirtier sound will not exist. The number of crossover points will not affect the performance and delay of the system.