Chinese Brand SineMedia Appearing on the Stage of AES NY 2018

Release time:2018-10-26 14:29

The AES New York 2018 145th International Pro Audio Convention has wrapped up last week. The 3-days exhibition in its 70th anniversary year celebrated decades of professional audio leadership and present the past, present and future of audio engineering technologies and techniques.

This event showed world’s top innovations from over 300 brands, including 37 new exhibitors. Over 14,000 registrants attended the AES New York 2018 exhibition, not including attendees from the co-located NAB New York Show who visited AES to connect and learn about audio.

As one of the new exhibitors and the only Chinese self-owned brand, SineMedia drew a lot of attention with its APC acoustic phase calibration processors. On top of it, this time, SineMedia mainly pushed it realtime audio processing platform-SineCore-a revolutionary advance in audio industy.

SineCore is a fully customizable open for professional & consumer audio processing. Featuring ARM A9 core, it is Linux OS ready and easy to build you audio application with JUCE. With SineCore’s peerless parallel DSP processing in FPGA, audio I/O latency drops massively to less than 0.2ms, dwarfing competitors in this field.

APC acoustic phase calibration rigs were given much attention as well due to its second-to-none features and powerful applications. Visitors flooded into our booth to experience this cool tech. Most of them are working in the frontier field and no lack of professionals and masters.

When it was about to come to an end, the Jacob Javits Center was still full of attendees who did not want their experience to end. Till this moment SineMedia has finished its AES NY tour successfully, and we are already looking forward to next year’s show already!

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