SineMedia APC at IQIYI 2019 Screaming Night

Release time:2018-12-06 15:11

The IQIYI Screaming Night 2019 was held in Beijing last week with many famous Chinese stars attending the ceremony.

At the invitation of Mr. Liu Yibing from CCTV Audio Department, SineMedia APC test team with APC460L took part in the entire TV coverage mission of the Screaming Night event at the Olympic stadium of Beijing University of Technology. We used Soundcraft VI6 and AVID Venue console as the main transmission equipment and Genelec 1030 as the main monitor. However, as the transmission room was set temporarily in an office room of the stadium with no acoustic decoration covered, the sound we heard in the room was quite mallow due to room mode and reflection waves. After calibrated with APC460L, the clarity of sound had been obviously improved, with full frequency bands faithfully representing every detail of the sound stage, delivering immediately an elevated pristine listening experience. The musical clarity and vocal intangibility was highly increased when watching on phone or TV.

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