Image China: Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage’ Makes U.S. Premiere with SineMedia APC

Release time:2019-01-30 16:11

A large-scale concert drama from China-Image China: Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage-made its US premiere at theKennedy Center in Washington D.C. on Friday night. The large-scale concert drama completed witha cast of over 100, including 80 musicians from the China National Traditional Orchestra (CNTO), and two dozen performers including a chorus.

Image China: Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage makes itsU.S. premiere January 25-27 at The Kennedy Center

APC460L was used by China National Traditional Orchestra (CNTO)

This drama-like Chinese concert includes bright and colorfulcostumes with its innovative exploration of Chinese traditional music, alongwith contemporary theatrical elements including projections and lighting, and adopted SineMedia’s APC460L to optimize the sound quality of the whole sound stage.Their innovative way of telling the great story of Xuanzang and the combinationof various Chinese musical instruments earned them a rave reviews.

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