APC400L Acoustic Processor

The world's first high-order realtime FIR acoustic phase calibrator in FPGA

Free design your acoustic frequency response curve for your exclusive music style

World's first FPGA-based FIR acoustic calibration system

Different than any traditional  DSP processing systems causing more phase problems, the core of SineMedia APC's technology lies in its cutting-edge SineCore audio processing platform with the revolutionary high-order real-time FPGA-based FIR acoustic phase calibration system that rejects the compromise between perfect digital audio algorithms and latency and reproduces the nature of sound by three-dimensional standards of sampling precision, sampling frequency and phase accuracy. 

CLIO measured data capture screen

  • Phase contrast before and after processing: from 50Hz, the phase delay is reduced to less than 36 degrees, the bass phase difference does not exceed 20 degrees, the speaker in any space to become a minimum phase system.

  • Frequency response before and after the treatment: due to the resolution of the speaker phase resonance, the phase shift caused by the frequency divider (400Hz; 2.8Khz) and the reflection problem in the room (93Hz,270Hz), restored the speaker's frequency response in the free acoustic field.

Direct sound energy distribution

  • Before

  • After

Ultra-low I/O latency

Theoretically DSP FIR filter is characterized by a linear phase that adapts to the unique audio requirement - that is, changing the frequency domain without causing phase changes. In real cases, however, Due to DSP inborn performance issues, those FIR filters with over ten thousands taps cannot meet the real-time audio performance requirements due to its long delay, deriving more new phase problems. 

Therefore, for the first time, we have achieved low-latency performance and ensured that the filter runs without new phase delays by introducing high-performance FPGA parallel processing of high-order FIRs.

Everything is done in 10s

Traditional room correction systems is either too complicated or time consuming on setting up and measuring. However, APC's unique algorithm is different from those old-fashioned ways. It identifies the phse degradation simply using a microphone and delivers these problems to its Sonic Crystal software to generate a calibration solution automatically. 

It was designed to be very easy-to-use but also highly precise and without compromise in terms of sound quality and/ flexibility for advanced users. You don't need to be technical, just set up measurement microphone and press the compute button, the system will do all the left work for you. Finally, an elevated standard listening area is reproduced in 10 seconds.

Cutting-edge acoustic calibration system

  • Precisely achieve the minimum phase calibration and remove phase distortions in subwoofers and full-range arrays.

  • Correct the audio system to acquire a deeper and tighter bass to deliver a natural listening experience

  • Obviously lift the clarity of full-range frequency and perfectly reproduce every detail in superb performance

  • Significantly escalate sound image and musical calarity of the mixes with a much flatter frequency response.

  • Adapt to the acoustic environment easily.