High-quality audio systems will play a more important role in the future automotive industry. Instead of concentrating on the road, self-driving cars endow us with more free time and space in the car: listen to a beautiful music, watch an exciting movie, or enjoy a computer game.

SineMedia APC system creates an unprecedented sense of spaciousness by extending the dimension of the sound image in a car. APC is designed to bring the ultimate immersive audio experience to your driving experience that passengers in each seat can feel a broader and clearer front stage as well as a vivid surround sound field.

SineMedia commits to offer professional in-car audio system solutions for global automotive manufacturers to optimize the impulse response and frequency response of the sound system. We provides portfolios of automotive audio solutions using the world’s leading acoustic space calibration technology-SineCore-that obviously enhances the overall sound clarity, eliminates echoes and reduces noise while keeping the volume safe and listenable. We also offer customizable services based on specific hardware environments for every customer.

  • Rapidly achieve a perfect in-car acoustic environment

  • Significantly escalate sound image and audio clarity

  • Eliminate phase distortion in the car

  • Free design your favorite frequency response

  • 24/7  technician support service

  • Raised sound stage for surround audio experience

    APC automotive audio solution enhances in-car audio experience by raising the sound stage to windshield height and creating a surround sound effect for everyone in the vehicle. The automotive entertainment systems powered by SineMedia APC deliver a more natural and realistic sound, offering a highly improved perceived audio quality for every passenger in the car.

  • Make entry-level automotive sound systems shine

    Through the combination of the cutting-edge SineCore audio processing platform with the world's first high-order real-time FPGA-based FIR acoustic phase calibration system that rejects the compromise between perfect digital audio algorithms and latency, SineMedia APC makes even entry-level automotive sound systems shine with no hardware modifications required.

  • Cost effective & space released


    With its advanced audio processing, SineMedia APC lets drivers and passengers experience music as if it is being played from a concert stage on their front dash. It provides clearer highs and deeper lows without the added cost of additional speakers or subwoofers.

  • Flexible open design for manufacturers’ needs

    APC automotive sound calibration system is powered by SineCore open audio processing platform which is designed for automotive manufacturers to achieve expansive and clear audio for their entertainment systems even with entry-level audio systems, basic DSP and ARM platforms.