• Innovation 

    Innovation based on the ardently love of music

  • Exploration

    Respect development of sound physical characteristics

  • Pursuit

    Pursuit of digital audio excellence

  • Reproduction

    Building up the bridge between subjective hearing and digital measurement

  • Confidence

    Holding strong technical confidence



Sep. 1999 - The founder Wu Jian gave up his job as a judge in public service as well as his graduate diploma in law, and adapted to work on music technology.

Dec. 2000 - Designed a live recording system for a well-known Chinese rock pioneer Cui Jian, to complete the research and development of microphone splitters and amplifiers.

Nov, 2001 - Rebuilt recording Studio for China Audio & Video Publish house, meanwhile, SineMedia was founded.

Dec, 2003 - was set up. With 20,000 subscribers listed over two years, almost all of China's top musicians, producers and music institutions were included at that time. In the following ten years, thousands of recording studios,recording studio and music production studio were integrated afterwards.

Dec. 2004 - Developed the first high-voltage transformerless microphonesignal amplifier called Hpre8 in China, and then SineMedia’saudio R&D team was formed.

Dec. 2005 - SineMedia became the promotion partner of Apple China distributor of audio industry and logic music production software, Apple Training Center.

Dec. 2006  A series of analog optical compressors , equalizers and channel strips based on TUBE and discrete amplifiers were developed

Oct. 2007 - Acquired as the largest commercial recording studio in China. As a laboratory equipment, OASIS studio was rebuilt for R&D experiments of digital audio equipment and focused on sound quality comparison between digital audio and analog audio.

Sep. 2010 - Gossart M6 and the coaxial monitor speaker X15, were released for studio monitors, and a large three-way far field speaker P15 was developed in collaboration with the Australian audio company DEQX.

Nov. 2012 - Studio analog monitor controller AMC6 was released and a matching audio I/O transformer was developed.

Dec. 2014  - voltage analog NC transformer mixer and its corresponding I / O transformers were built.

Jun. 2015 - Series 500 of 6XMKII, 7XMKII, PEXMKII and channel strip were developed for Swedish company Lindell audio.

Nov. 2016 - The world's first real-time FPGA-based convolution surround- sound headset processor was developed for the China's National Key Laboratory of Interactive Media Standards. And apply for the completion of four invention patents.

Dec. 2017 - SineMedia completely renounced the R & D achievements on the DSP platform and developed SineCore real-time audio platform to improve the real-time performance of digital audio in complex computing algorithms to approximate simulation level.