Invitation for potential parteners

If your activities relates with digital acoustic processors and you are seeking for a better solution to solve all their acoustic problems and to represent nature and real sound, we are the right partner that you are looking for.

SineMedia, the most innovated company in audio industry in China, invites you to cooperate with us.

You can offer SineMedia products and Sonic Crystal software for customer's audio systems.

In turn, we are ready to provide you as a partner:

  • information support to your customers about the features and benefits of SineMedia products; 
  • marketing materials to send to your clients as a complement to the delivery of your core products or performing services; 
  • technical advice to your clients and professionals on any matter

You can work with us in terms of distributors, size of discounts we are ready to discuss with you.

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Please fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and provide you with further detailed information about terms and conditions of becoming an authorized SineMedia distributor.


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At Sinemedia, it’s our goal to bring you the largest selection of top quality audio solution in the industry. We’re always here to help our customers, providing a wealth of knowledge about our research and development for ODM process. We want each customer to have a unique, state-of-the-art product experience with our service.